Banner requirements

Basic formats

Banner Image: A banner that displays an image with a link. Convenient for adaptive websites.

Banner HTML5: A banner that displays arbitrary HTML content or an image. The banner is placed in an iframe and has limited access to the site content.

With code forwarding, you can install arbitrary HTML code in the banner container.

Adfox code forwarding: Lets you add the Adfox ad tag to the banner.

Screenglide, expandable, fullscreen

Screenglide HTML5: An interactive HTML5 banner.

Banner Interscroller HTML5: An interactive banner that displays content with a parallax effect.

BannerLine HTML5: A stretching banner in the form of an HTML5 creative or image.

Banner Slider: A banner that displays an event slider with multiple slides.

Fullscreen HTML5: Displays any HTML content or image in the format of a fullscreen banner.


Ads in the video player: Video ads that are served according to the VAST standard.

Banner Video: A video banner with a video file or link to Wrapper XML.

Video VPAID VAST 3.0 Viewability: A video ad format for players that support the VAST 3.0 standard.

InPage video: A video ad format on websites in the middle of the main content.


Background HTML5: A banner that allows you to replace the site background with an HTML creative or image.


Telegram banner: An ad format for Telegram channels that features posts with an image, video, or only text.