Enabling InStream video ads


Before setting up Header Bidding, make sure that:

  • Each monetizer to be connected has a separate contract for bidding using Header Bidding technology.
  • An ad unit is created in the monetizer's personal account.

With InStream ads, you can serve video ads that comply with VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) format.

To create new banner types, enable the Video property for your existing banner types:

  1. Select Settings → Banner types → Custom → XML.
  2. Create new InStream banner types and enable the Video option.

Next, create placements with these banner types.


You can disable the Video property for a banner type: then placements with ad units will be removed from the monetization placement.

Available monetizers

Monetizers with InStream video support that can be connected to Adfox ad units using Header Bidding.

Yandex Header Bidding monetizers
Monetizer Monetizer site
Between Digital betweendigital.com
Bidvol bidvol.com
Gnezdo gnezdo.online
MediaSniper mediasniper.ru
MTS marketolog.mts.ru
OTM otm-r.com
Roxot roxot.com
Sape rtb.sape.ru
Segmento segmento.ru
SMI2 smi2.net
Soloway www.soloway.ru
Solta solta.io
UMG umg.team
Adfox HB monetizers

Using Header Bidding technology, an Adfox client who is a site owner can connect to another Adfox client: an impression monetizer. To do this, the monetizer client must become an Adfox HB monetizer. This scheme eliminates code forwarding between accounts as well as adding placeholders and passback tags.

To become an Adfox HB monetizer, contact support. Learn more about the process of connecting and setting up an account in the Connecting via Adfox HB section.

Monetizer Monetizer site
Digital Alliance alliance.digital
Roden Media roden-media.ru

Creating a configuration script

  1. Prepare an ad tag for an ad placement:

    • If you haven't added an ad tag to the site yet, get one by following the instructions.
    • If the tag is already embedded on the site, take it from the layout.
  2. Create a script using the HB configurator:

    1. Go to Monetization → HB configurator.


      The configurator is only available if you have campaigns with an external monetizer.

    2. Click Add container. Specify the ID of the container with the video player.

    3. Select the InStream ad request type.

    4. Click Add monetizer.

    5. Select monetizers with InStream video support and specify their parameters:

      • For Yandex Header Bidding monetizers, specify the Monetizer's placement ID (Placement ID). You can find the Placement ID in the monetizer interface.

        Table with Yandex Header Bidding monetizer data
        Monetizer Monetizer key
        Between Digital betweenDigital
        Bidvol bidvol
        Gnezdo Gnezdo
        MediaSniper mediasniper
        MTS mts
        OTM otm
        Roxot roxot
        Sape sape
        Segmento segmento
        SMI2 smi2
        Soloway adriver
        Solta solta
        UMG umg
      • For monetizers working via Adfox HB, get the request string from the monetizer you're connecting and extract params from it.

        Table with Adfox HB monetizer data
        Monetizer Monetizer site
        Digital Alliance alliance.digital
        Roden Media roden-media.ru
        Sample string and code for InStream ads

        Request string:



        params: {
            p1: 'cwdyt',
            p2: 'hiuy'
    6. If there are multiple placements on the page, click Add container. Specify the ID of the container with the video player.

    7. In the User Timeout field, specify the waiting time for a response from the monetizer's server in milliseconds.

    8. The Trusted Owners field is optional. If you plan to send bids to other Adfox account requests via the Wrapper VAST 2.0 template, specify the IDs of the accounts the codes are forwarded from, separated by commas.

    9. Click Generate. After the script appears in the field on the right, click Copy.

  3. Place the resulting script on the site.


    The ad loader code shouldn't be repeated on the page and should be located below the script with Header Bidding settings. This way, the loader can determine that the page contains Header Bidding and identify which ads should wait for bids. If the loader code was installed earlier, delete the extra one.

  4. Enable the Video Ads SDK integration. To learn more, see the Developer's guide.

Example of connecting InStream ads
<script src="https://yandex.ru/ads/system/header-bidding.js" async></script>
           var adfoxBiddersMap = {
              "smi2": "2714950",
              "adfox_example_sdk": "2502029"

            var adUnits = [
                "code": "adfox-container-id",
                "codeType": "instream",
                "bids": [
                    "bidder": "smi2",
                    "params": {
                      "placementId": "101131"
                    "adBreakTypes": [
                    "bidder": "adfox_example_sdk",
                    "params": {
                      "p1": "cwdyt",
                      "p2": "hiuy"
                    "adBreakTypes": [

            var userTimeout = 1500;

            window.YaHeaderBiddingSettings = {
               biddersMap: adfoxBiddersMap,
               adUnits: adUnits,
               timeout: userTimeout,
 <script src="https://yandex.ru/ads/system/context.js" async></script>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="https://yandex.ru/ads/system/adsdk.js"></script>

Demo pages

Use the link below to view examples of banners where Header Bidding is used.

InStream video ads

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