External monetization

External monetizers are traffic bidders, such as Google ADX, myTarget, and Criteo.

When installing other systems' tags, there are usually questions about how to install the third-party tag correctly, whether it will work, and how to return the impression to Adfox if the third-party system doesn't select a banner.

To automate selling traffic, Adfox uses external monetization. It lets you simplify campaign creation for external monetizers, manage CPM thresholds (except for header bidding monetizers), and get the most income from reweighting campaigns with Yandex Advertising Network.

Two options of using monetizers are supported:

  1. Header Bidding.
  2. An external monetizer (at the moment, Google ADX and DFP).

How does external monetization work?

  1. The user loads the site page. An ad request is sent to the Adfox server.

  2. The server compares the CPM of all campaigns of the Dynamic monetization type and selects the campaign with the maximum bid.

  3. The server sends a request with the maximum bid to the Yandex Advertising Network and waits for a response:

    1. If the Yandex Advertising Network offers a higher bid, the Yandex Advertising Network wins and sends a banner to the the user viewing the site.

    2. If the Yandex Advertising Network offers a lower bid or refuses to bid, the campaign with the maximum bid wins, and its banner is sent to the the user viewing the site.

Yandex Advertising Network can't buy impressions at a price that's lower than the CPM threshold of the publisher's or external monetizers' competing campaigns.

The algorithm for selecting a campaign of the Dynamic monetization level:

The difference between Header Bidding and placing monetizers by the ad tag

If Header Bidding is used, monetizers make their bids even before a banner is requested. If such a monetizer's campaign wins, their banner is sent to the user's site, and then ad selection stops.

If the monetizer is placed using ad tags (for example, Google ADX or DFP), then, if such a monetizer's campaign wins, a banner with an ad tag is sent to the user viewing the site.

Then, a banner request is sent from the site page to the winner's ad server. The ad server can:

  • Select a banner (item 4.1 in image 2). In this case, the placement on the site is filled with a banner.

  • Reject an impression (item 4.2 in image 2). In this case, you configure the rejection of impressions (and return to Adfox), where a campaign of the DM type (except for a campaign that won before) is selected with the maximum CPM and re-weighting with the Yandex Advertising Network is performed.

The algorithm for selecting campaigns with an external monetizer ad tag:

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