Banner types

Banner types

The banner type is a tool that lets the system make a decision about placing the banner on the placement. You can only place the banner on the placement if the placement and banner types are identical (and if the campaign is placed on this placement, of course).

For example, a 468 × 60 banner can't be displayed on a 240 × 400 placement, but it can on a 468 × 60 placement. An identical type match means that if a placement has the same parameters but a different type, like 468 × 60_2, a 468 × 60 banner can't be displayed there.

All banner types are divided into two groups:

  1. Predefined banner types are provided by the system together with templates. They're used to configure the 1×1 pixel and to place banners on AMP and Turbo pages and in mobile apps. You can enable or disable banner types that you use in your account.
  2. Custom banner types are created by the user. They're mainly used in desktop site versions. You can add and remove them.

Load types

Load types tell the system what form to load banners to the site in:

  1. Nondimensional: Such banner code can be loaded in JSON format (or JavaScript/HTML).
  2. XML: The ad tag is just a request string. XML code is returned in response to the request.

Add a banner type

To create a custom banner type, go to Settings → Banner types → Custom and open the tab with the load type that you want (Nondimensional or XML). Click + Add.

Enter the name of the new banner type. It's convenient to base the name on the placement size or format, for example: 240 × 400, 300 × 600, 352 × 200, fullscreen, or background.

If you create a banner type for video monetization, enable the Video option.

Click Add. On the tab that opens, add a template. The template defines the appearance of the banner type that you add.

Special banner types

To place ads on web pages using AMP or Turbo technology, use special banner types that you can find on the Settings → Banner types → Predefined → Nondimensional tab and have Turbo or AMP in the name.

Availability of various banner types

When you add a banner or a placement, all the included banner types are available to you.

If you disable a banner type, you can't select this type when adding a banner or a placement. But impressions continue for banners and placements where this type is already used.


If you remove the Delete banner type, all banners based on it are no longer displayed on the site.

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