You can use categories to group sites, sections, or placements by content categories and get statistics on impressions and clicks for the entire category. Categories are also helpful for behavioral targeting.

There are two types of categories:

  • Permanent: For sites, sections, and placements.
  • Temporary: For behavioral targeting.

When categories are assigned to a site, section, or placement, a category report is created for them. It's available on the Reports tab in the main menu.

Create a category

  1. On the Settings → Categories page, go to the necessary tab, depending on the category type that you want to create. Click Add.
  2. Specify the category parameters.
  3. Click Add. The category is created.

Assign a category to a site, section, or placement

You can set a category for the entire site. In this case, you don't need to set categories for sections and placements, because they're inherited from the site.

  1. Go to the Sites tab in the main menu, select an existing site, or add a new one.
  2. Click the  Settings icon next to the site name.
  3. To assign a category to a site, select one from the drop-down list.
  4. To assign a category to a section or placement, go to the Sections tab.
  5. Click the  Settings icon next to the section name.
  6. Select the category from the drop-down list.

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