Frequency on the placement

You can set the frequency limit at the placement level to control the number of impressions of all campaigns that are placed on the placement for a unique user.

To enable the function, contact support.

You can configure and edit the limit in the system interface.


Previously, you could configure the limit when you received the ad tag by specifying the limit directly in the request parameters. Because of this, all sites in the Impression limits section have the impression frequency period set to from request URL by default. This ensures the backward compatibility of the settings previously made in the ad tag and the ability to configure the limit directly in the interface.

Set up a limit for the placement

  1. In the main menu, open Sites → Sections and go to the placement settings ( Settings) where you want to set up a limit.

  2. In the Impression limits block, specify the following settings:

    • Number of impressions per period: How many banner impressions are made on this placement for a unique user.

    • Impression frequency period:

      • From request URL: The impression limit settings from the request parameters are used.
      • No limits: Banner impressions on this placement aren't restricted even if the request parameters specify otherwise.
      • 1 hour/6 hours/12 hours/24 hours: The limit is valid for 1/6/12/24 hours after the banner is first served to a unique user.
      • Other: Specify your own limit period in the Other period (minutes) parameter.
      • Other period (minutes): You can set your own time period for the impression limit in minutes.

We'll set a limit of 3 impressions per hour.

When the banner is shown to a unique user, the limit period begins.

When the number of impressions reaches the set limit, banner impressions on this placement for a unique user stop until the period expires.

The impression limit applies for all campaigns on this placement.

If you selected the by event impression count method, banner ad responses are limited.

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