API assistant

An API assistant is a user that only has access to the Adfox API methods without any access to the Adfox web interface.

In the Adfox API, only the account administrator can access most of the methods. In certain cases, several people working on different tasks in parallel might need access to the API.

By adding API assistants, you can issue personal access rights for your employees without disclosing the administrator's password.

To enable the API assistant management module, please contact support.

Creating an API assistant

  1. In the main menu, go to the Users → API assistants tab.

  2. Click Add and specify the required parameters:

    • Account   Create a user login. You can only use Latin letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, and periods. The login must contain from 1 to 32 characters.

      The login must be unique within the Adfox system. If you enter a login that's already taken, a warning appears.

    • E-mail   The email address used for registration. An email with an invitation to the Adfox interface is sent to this address. Registration is performed using a Yandex ID.

    Access rights
    Specify the access rights for API methods. For a list of available methods, see the API documentation:
    • Read-only(RO): The assistant can only read the data: get lists (the list, utility, info, listActiveBanners, and listValues actions) and get reports (the report action). They can't add, edit, or delete objects or manage users.
    • Read and write(RW): The assistant can add, edit, and delete objects (settings for the account, sites, campaigns, banners). They can't manage users (advertiser, assistant, webmaster).
    • Read, write, and manage users(RW + manage users): The assistant can run all the methods, including the user management methods.

The API assistant with the user management permission can't manage other API assistants.

When the module is disabled, the API assistants tab is hidden from assistants in the interface and access to the Adfox API is suspended for them. However, users and objects created by the assistants aren't deleted.

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