Copy users

By copying users, advertisers and site owners can use the same login to get access to different accounts.


You can't copy assistants.

If an advertiser or a site owner already has an Adfox login, then when starting to work with a new account (publisher), they can provide their login to the account administrator. The account administrator will copy the user to their user list.

If the account of a participant (advertiser or site owner) was copied, only the participant themselves can change their password.

Copying a user

  1. In the account where you want to copy the user, go to the Users → Participants tab.
  2. Then select the user type: Advertiser or Site owner.
  3. Click + Add existing.
  4. In the Account field, enter the login of the user being copied and click Add.
  5. The user will appear in the list with the <authorization> status. After that, they must agree, in their account, to work with you.
  6. After the user agrees to be added to the new account, their status changes to <added>.

Permission to copy the user

When logging in to the Adfox interface, the user that provided their login for copying will see a request to add them to a new account.

They must confirm or cancel copying.

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