Increasing ad efficiency

The Yandex Advertising Network gives you tools to analyze statistics that help increase the efficiency of your ad units and revenue from your website.

You can check how changing particular settings affects your website profitability and choose the option that works best for you:


Users react to ads in different ways. For some, banners are more engaging, while for others, video ads are more appealing. To make ads appealing to every user, we recommend using various formats such as display advertising design, native design, video ads, and standard design with Smart Design technology. This way, the system will more likely select a design that's interesting to the particular user when loading a page, and this will bring you the highest possible revenue.


Try changing the position of an ad unit for some time to see how it affects your CPMV. Use the position with the highest CPMV. To identify the best position of an ad unit on the page, use the Click map. We recommend evaluating the efficiency of changes after a two-week test.

Number of units

Identify the number of units on the page that doesn't interfere with visitors' view of content, fits seamlessly into your website, and at the same time brings the income you want.

You can conduct experiments on ads placed on your site using Varioqub. This tool lets you create an experiment with multiple options and both change the elements and layout of the site and compare different ad units and their settings. As a result of your experiment, you get statistics for indicators that help determine which option is most effective in terms of monetization and user metrics. For more information, see Varioqub experiments in Help.

Yandex constantly aims at improving its own ad selection technology to make ad products even more effective.

To learn more about ways to increase ad efficiency, read these sections:

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