Image search

In Yandex, you can search for information using an image. This can be useful if you want to:

  • Find out what or who is in a photo.
  • Find an image in a different size, for example, a large desktop wallpaper or a small avatar picture.
  • Recognize and translate text from an image or photo (only in the mobile version of Yandex Images).
  • Check the image uniqueness on the internet and find out which sites have the same image.
  • Find similar images.
  • Find similar products (only in the mobile version of Yandex Images).

If you only have part of an image, it's enough to find its full version. To search for similar images, you can use an image from the internet or upload it from your computer or phone.

Note. It may turn out that the search will not return the images you need. Search results depend on whether the images exist on the internet and whether they've been indexed by Yandex.

How to start image search

Press the button to the right of the search bar and upload the image in one of the following ways:

  • Drag the original image to the upload panel.
  • Click Select file and select an image on the computer.
  • Paste an image from the clipboard.
  • Enter the image address in the search bar and click Search.

Search for an image found on another site

If you use Yandex Browser, you can search for images from almost any site.

Select Search for this image on Yandex in the context menu.

Note. Certain website layout issues may limit how Yandex.Images can search for images from that site.