How to update information

  1. Add a branch
  2. Create a branch
  3. Edit data
  4. Remove a branch
  5. Change a branch address
  6. A branch is displayed on Yandex.Maps. How do I add it to my chain?

Add a branch

You can add your business from the Yandex Business Directory to a chain. To do this, click Add branch and select the desired business from the list in the field below. Click Add to this chain.

Create a branch

To create and add a new branch to the chain, click Create branch and enter the branch address, phone number, business hours, and so on in the Add branch to chain pop-up window. Click Add.

The new branch is included in the chain after data is verified within 5 days. No additional verification is required.

Edit data

To bulk change the name, add or delete a phone number, website, category, or service in the selected branches:

  1. Go to the chain page and select the desired branches or the entire chain in the Branches section.

  2. Click Edit and select the data to change from the list.

  3. In the window that opens, you can add or delete information about branches. For example, if you select “Phone” and delete a phone number from the suggested list, it's deleted in all the selected branches.

You can edit photos and other data in the branch profile. Find the desired branch in the Yandex Business Directory and click its name. Change the information about the branch in the tabs, then click Save. For more information, see the Editing information section.

Remove a branch

To remove a branch, go to the chain page, select the company you want to remove in the Branches section, and click Exclude from chain. The business remains on the maps and linked to your account, but is no longer be part of the chain.

To remove branches, select them on the chain page and click Delete. The selected businesses are removed from the Yandex Business Directory.

Change a branch address

If a chain branch moved:

  1. On the branch page in the Information section, change the address or move the placemark on the map to the desired location.

  2. Check the new address and select Moving. If you want to keep the photos and reviews at the old address, uncheck the appropriate checkboxes.

  3. Click Save. The business profile at the new address is created automatically.

    If you agreed to transfer the photos and reviews, they are added to the business profile at the new address.

  4. Add a new branch profile to the chain.

On Yandex.Maps, the branch at the old address will be shown with the “Moved” status. You can't change the information in the profile at the old address.

A branch is displayed on Yandex.Maps. How do I add it to my chain?

To add a branch to a chain:

  1. Find the branch on Yandex.Maps, go to its profile, and click Confirm ownership on Yandex.Maps.

  2. On the Confirm your management rights for this business listing page, click This is my business.

  3. Once the branch is linked to your account and displayed on the My businesses page, you can add it to the chain. To do this, click next to the chain name and select Add a branch to the chain in the menu.