Problems with logging in to Yandex

  1. I can't log in using my username
  2. Some apps suddenly lost access to your account
  3. Yandex asks me to enter CAPTCHA characters
  4. You received the error message “OCSP response not valid yet” in Firefox

I can't log in using my username

If you can't log in to your account, see our recommendations. Detailed instructions for each error are provided below.

Wrong username/password! Login failed.

If you log or logged in with a one-time password before, you'll need a one-time password generated by the Yandex Key app to log in.

Try entering your username and password directly on the Yandex ID page. Make sure that Caps Lock is turned off and your keyboard language is set to English.

Note. Type in your username and password and don't copy them from the clipboard, because you may accidentally copy an extra space and won't be able to log in.

On PCs and mobile phones, some programs (such as Punto Switcher) can 'autocorrect' the characters you enter: change the spelling, change capital letters to lower case, put a space after full stops, and so forth. Before you enter your password, be sure that autocorrection of typographical errors and the layout is off.

A user with the specified username was not found.

An account with this username doesn't exist or was deleted.

Before contacting support, check the spelling of your username again:

  • Usernames can only contain Latin letters, numbers, dots, and hyphens.

  • When entering your email address, make sure you do so correctly: <your username>

  • You can only log in using your Yandex Mail address. A Gmail or address won't work.

Your account is blocked.

Make sure that you entered your username correctly. If you're sure the username is correct, contact support using the link given in the error message.

Cookies error

You can't log in to Yandex if cookies are disabled in your browser. For more info on this setting, see Cookie settings.

If nothing else works

Try restoring access to reset your password.

It's always faster and easier to reset your password automatically then to contact Support, so try all possible automated options first. If you can't restore access via SMS or email, try to remember the answer to your security question. When you answer your security question, make sure you are entering the answer correctly and using the appropriate keyboard layout.

If you didn't manage to restore access yourself, please fill in the Restore Access form.

Some apps suddenly lost access to your account

If you changed your password or clicked Log out on all computers, you will need to log in again in the browser and most apps that use your account.

Note. Apps lose access to your account because all OAuth tokens are revoked when you change your password and log out of all computers.

Yandex asks me to enter CAPTCHA characters

If Yandex asks you to enter CAPTCHA characters when you log in to your account, it means that an incorrect password was entered too many times from your IP-address recently.

This can be the case if:

  • You incorrectly entered your Yandex username or password a few times in a row.

  • Other users of your local area network (either work or home) entered an incorrect username or password a few times in a row. Contact your network administrator to solve this problem.

  • You entered an incorrect username or password for a mail program (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, and the Opera mail client).

  • Your computer was infected by a virus that tried to figure out your Yandex account password. We recommend that you run an online antivirus program to check your computer for viruses. Many antivirus program manufacturers offer free versions of their programs.

You received the error message “OCSP response not valid yet” in Firefox

The correct system time is not set up on your computer. Make sure that the time zone in the operating system settings corresponds to your location and check the time with Yandex Time.

To learn how to set the time in different operating systems, see Setting the time zone, date, and time.