Yandex Pay

On the Yandex Pay tab, you can:

Link a bank card
Link a bank card to your Yandex ID and use it to quickly pay for goods and services in Yandex. You won't have to enter your card details every time you pay: this data will be fetched automatically. You might only need to specify your CVC/CVV.
View future payments
In the Subscriptions and future payments section, you can see:
  • Orders that you have paid for, but the transaction hasn't gone through yet.
  • Payment schedule and amount for orders that you have placed with Yandex Split.
  • Dates and payment amounts for subscriptions to Yandex services.
View payment history

In the Payment history section, you can view the latest payments made in Yandex. You can easily sort your expenses by services, find receipts in payments, and visit the services you used.

View accumulated cashback (bonus points)
When you make purchases in services participating in the program, some of the money will go back to your balance as bonus points. One point equals one ruble. If you have a Yandex Plus subscription, you can spend accumulated bonus points on any of these services: for example, you received points in Yandex Eats and can spend them on Yandex Go.