1. About Yandex Map Editor

YME is a service that allows users to mark up maps and add additional levels of detail to them.

When you become a Yandex Map Editor author, you can create and edit various types of map items: roads, streets, villages, houses, organizations, gardens, rivers, wells, etc. After new map items pass moderation, they are added to Yandex Maps .

That way others can search for that map item and use it to plot better routes. The map will become more rich in information as users continue to contribute to the project.


Yandex monitors the quality of the data on its maps, which is why the moderation process takes some time (on average, two weeks).

In order for your edits to end up on Yandex Maps, you must follow the Mapping rules.

If you come across a Yandex ID Support page while using Yandex Map Editor, please follow the links on the page or contact the Yandex ID support team.

You can discuss specific questions with the moderators and other Yandex Maps users in the item comments (if your question relates to a specific item) or in the YME Chat .

You can read the FAQ below or in the Yandex Map Editor Club.

Send any reports or suggestions you have to the Yandex Map Editor support staff and they will respond as soon as possible.

Yandex Map Editor FAQs

You can find detailed information in Yandex Map Editor Help: