3.11.1. Rules for drawing terrain items

Follow these rules when drawing terrain items:

Terrain items are represented by points and polygons. Rules for drawing these items vary: Places

Placemarks (vertices, mountain passes, volcanoes) are drawn uniformly (see 2.5.1. Places: drawing techniques.

The icon used to represent the item on the map is selected based on its type (see 3.11.2. Rules for adding attributes to terrain items). Polygonal items

For the list of polygon items, see 2.7.4. Composite polygonal items. Draw the item's borders along the line where the surface clearly changes texture.

Draw map items of this type only if you can draw their outline based on the satellite image. apos;t draw it.

Drawn in accordance with 2.7.1. General rules for drawing polygonal items.

When drawing internal polygons, follow 2.7.2. Rules for using internal polygons.

You should not add new external polygons to un-named terrain items: drawing such polygons usually leads to mapping errors.