Confidentiality of personal data

To maintain the confidentiality of personal data, the Yandex Metrica Terms of Use prohibit the transmission of identifying information to Yandex Metrica.

Identifying data includes:

  • First and last name.
  • Identity document information (for example, passport data).
  • Bank card details.
  • ZIP code.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Street address.
  • Information about the user's location, as can be detected with GPS.
  • Taxpayer information, such as a TIN.
  • Medical and insurance information, such as an insurance policy.
  • Passwords to user accounts.

If you aren't sure whether a particular type of data is considered identifying information under your country's legislation, consult with a lawyer.

Recommendations when transmitting identifying information

Make sure that identifying information is never transmitted to Yandex Metrica, including in these instances: