Retargeting to a video audience

You can accumulate an audience of users who have viewed a video from your display campaign and then use it to configure retargeting.

How to build a video audience

When you create or edit a group of video ads, select the events that interest you in Gather audience by completion rate:

  • video impression
  • completed 25%, 50%, or 75% of video ad
  • completed 100% of video ad

A separate Video in Yandex Direct type of segment is created automatically for each event in “Yandex Audience” under the account hosting the Yandex Direct campaign. The segment name contains the campaign details and event type. The segment will accumulate users for whom the event has occurred on at least one video from the ad group.

For example, you may want to select users who didn't watch the video completely. Select the “Displayed” and “100% completion” events. Two segments will be created in Yandex Audience. When configuring retargeting lists, target a segment of users who started watching the video, and use a negative criteria to exclude those who watched the video completely.

After the serving starts, the audience will start accumulating. This will take some time. You can use a segment for retargeting if its coverage reaches 100 anonymous identifiers. The segment is assigned the “Ready” status in Yandex Audience.

You can set up audience collection at any time, even if impressions have already started. In this case, the segment will include users for whom the selected event occurred no more than 30 days ago.

To stop accumulating the audience, disable events in your ad group settings. The segment for this event will no longer be updated in Yandex Audience, and its status will change to “Paused”.

Ways to work with the audience

You can use your video audience for configuring user profiles (in display campaigns), retargeting lists (in contextual ad campaigns), or bid adjustments. This will allow you to build communication strategies of any complexity.

Serve ads to a loyal audience

Show ads to users who watched the video. Such users are already familiar with your brand, they are more loyal to the advertised products and services, and are more likely to make a purchase.

Configuration example

Mix and match the segments to create unique impression criteria

Combine segments of users who have viewed the video with other segments to achieve complex impression criteria. But keep in mind that targeting an overly narrow audience will reduce the reach of your campaign.

Configuration example

For example, you can combine a segment of those who watched your video with a segment based on location data. This way you can identify users who have seen the ad and are currently located near your store.

Find a new audience

Select a new audience that is not familiar with your brand yet.

Configuration example

For example, you can set a negative condition for those who have seen your video and visited your site. If you are setting up a display campaign and your brand awareness ads are served on TV, you can configure the user profile to target ads to people who rarely or never watch TV.

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